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The face of healthcare is changing. The transition to electronic health records, evolving regulatory environments, and the rise of big data have left many healthcare and life sciences organizations wondering how to keep up. ThotWave helps you master healthcare analytics to make smart, data-driven decisions—enabling better outcomes for your patients, your organization, and your community.

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What We Do

Start Leveraging Your Data to Effect Real Change

ThotWave helps you leverage the information your employees collect to make successful, data-driven decisions. Healthcare analytics can effect real change in your organization and everyone you serve. The right technology is crucial for successful healthcare data management but, most importantly, you need the right internal alignment and mindset.

Succeed By Strengthening Your Healthcare Analytics Strategy and Culture

Collecting data is not enough. To leverage it effectively, your organization must foster a culture that embraces your healthcare analytics strategy. Our experts understand the need for strategic planning to realize your analytics vision, and can provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to:

  • Structure your healthcare analytics strategy to be successful today and in the future
  • Measure your healthcare analytics strategy for benefit and adaptability
  • Ensure value, support, and engagement organization-wide, from leadership to the front lines
  • Understand and consider the ethical considerations in your healthcare analytics strategy

Is your healthcare analytics strategy moving in the right direction? Download our original research summary, We Need Data Champions in Healthcare: Attracting, Training, and Retaining Talent for Your Organization’s Data Needs, to learn not only how to enable data-driven change, but how to embrace it.

Change is Inevitable—Turn it From a Challenge to an Opportunity

Healthcare as we know it is evolving and, to stay competitive, you need to be ready for change. Growing your analytics capabilities and increasing the transparency of your data is essential for making the most informed decisions possible—but change doesn’t come without challenges. ThotWave understands that a direct link between knowledge and decision making is essential, and can help you effectively navigate the change management process. Our experts can help you:

  • Foster innovation while maintaining robust data and analytic processes
  • Organize your knowledge base across your organization
  • Prioritize your data and analytics initiatives
  • Identify opportunities to successfully adopt self-service data tools
  • Ensure your team is structured to meet your business needs moving forward

Change does not have to be an intimidating prospect. In fact, with valuable change management solutions in place, embracing change can put your healthcare organization on the forefront innovation, which only serves to benefit the communities you serve. If you’re ready to turn your next challenge into an opportunity for growth, we can help.

Gain the Right Skills and Knowledge With Healthcare Analytics Academy

Actioning healthcare analytics requires ongoing education and training but, in an ever-changing field, it can be difficult to find the resources to suit your specific needs. The expert instructors at Healthcare Analytics Academy understand this, and create competency-based learning plans that are tailored to meet your organization’s unique goals and requirements. At the Academy, our credentialed and experienced instructors teach you how to:

  • Fast-track the successful and efficient on-boarding of new analytics talent within your organization
  • Retain analytics talent long term
  • Go beyond training to begin developing the healthcare analytics leaders of tomorrow through powerful curriculums and learning paths
  • Implement professional development and mentoring plans for knowledge workers
  • And more!

Understanding the Issues, Trends and Ideas Impacting Healthcare Analytics

Every day, we engage with healthcare leaders to understand the issues, trends, and ideas impacting the world of healthcare analytics. Gain access to the latest healthcare analytics insights by reading our Thot Leadership blog.

The Healthcare Analytics Leaders of ThotWave

Our people are our greatest asset. Combining decades of experience, our team members each bring unique skill sets and backgrounds to ThotWave. Together, our experts specialize in tackling your healthcare analytics challenges with thoughtfulness and creative problem solving.

Greg Nelson, MMCi, CPHIMS Social Psychology, Clinical Informatics
Monica M. Horvath, PhD Health Intelligence, Insight Aggregation, Computational Biology
Michelle Buchecker Computer Scientist, Technical Training Instructor

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Our mission is to create data champions and celebrate their role in transforming healthcare analytics. We’re committed to the healthcare community and welcome the opportunity to meet you at one of the upcoming events.


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