Why ThotWave

The rise of big data is fuelling a fundamental shift in the way healthcare and life sciences organizations make decisions—affecting everyone from your CEO to the community you serve every day.  Successfully navigating the world of healthcare analytics is essential but, without an effective plan in place, it can be daunting. While our competitors may diagnose problems or offer band-aid solutions, ThotWave provides your team with the skills required to use healthcare analytics to your advantage.

We’re not here to sell technology, bodies, or quick fixes. Instead, we offer holistic, scalable solutions—providing you with insight into what is shaping healthcare analytics, and enabling your organization with the tools and knowledge you need to successfully implement an informed, flexible healthcare analytics strategy.

4 Reasons Healthcare Organizations Choose ThotWave as Their Analytics Partner

1. We Identify Organizational Culture Issues That Limit Success

Even with the perfect healthcare analytics strategy in place, your organizational culture needs to be properly aligned to maximize your chances for success.

ThotWave seeks to identify these challenges. We don’t gloss over a single detail, and we use our real world experience building teams and managing change to help you recruit and retain the right talent. In doing so, you’ll be able to successfully foster a culture that embraces data and the impact it has.

2. We Help You Build the Link Between Technology and Application

In order to maximize the use of analytics in your healthcare organization, you need to bridge the gap between your decision makers and your data. ThotWave helps you achieve this connection through practical experience and a deep understanding of analytic technologies across the healthcare industry.

3. We Offer Unique Insight Into the World of Healthcare Analytics

We focus on building teams and nurturing individual development. We use modern educational and instructional design models to address the unique concerns and needs of adult learners and, in doing so, help you develop healthcare analytic strategies that support continuous organizational improvement.

4. We’re Driven by Passion, Curiosity, and Creativity

Our people are our greatest asset. Every member of our diverse team brings unique insight to the table, and together we work to help your organization change the way you interact with and utilize healthcare analytics in your day-to-day decision making processes.

“We entrusted our project to ThotWave because of the way they think. They know healthcare and analytics.” – Large West Coast IDN

Critical Competencies For The Future of Healthcare


See the critical competencies your team needs to transform healthcare and improve outcomes for patients and your organization using analytics.

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