Master Big Data With Healthcare Analytics Training & Courses

In healthcare and life sciences, the data collected every day from staff and patients can be used to help your organization and the communities you serve—but first, you need to know how to interpret and action it. ThotWave’s Healthcare Analytics Academy empowers your team with the skills needed to get the most from your data, driving better decisions that lead to improved outcomes. We also help you recruit, grow, and nurture analytics talent with a passion for improving care. At Healthcare Analytics Academy, we call these people Data Champions.

What We Do

Why Do You Need Healthcare Analytics Training?

Healthcare providers collect an incredible amount of data on a daily basis—data which can provide an invaluable competitive advantage as the industry evolves. The problem is that without the right knowledge and strategies in place, big data is overwhelming. We provide healthcare analytics training to help your teams get the most out of your data assets. In doing so, your organization will be better prepared to:

Make Data-Driven Decisions in Real Time

In healthcare, every decision could have a critical impact. With a better understanding of healthcare analytics, you’ll always be able to make the smart, data-backed decisions that produce better results.

Attract and Retain High Level Analytics Talent

The demand for analytical thinkers continues to rise, and will only get more competitive. McKinsey’s Big Data Report noted that 1.5 million data-savvy [1] business analysts are needed by 2018. We help you recruit them, train them, and retain them.

[1] Reference Deloitte 2015 study/survey via Bull City learning

Foster an Environment That Embraces Change

Pundits estimate that 50% of health systems will disappear over the next ten years due to mergers and acquisitions. Change is inevitable but, with our strategies, your organization can use change to create opportunity.

Why Choose ThotWave's Healthcare Analytics Academy?

Through our knowledge of the industry and our experience with analytics, we can solve the most challenging problems of healthcare. Our healthcare analytics courses and training programs enable your team to effectively interpret and action your organization’s data in order to make a difference. Our approach goes beyond tools and technology to focus on improving your processes and people through education and mentoring.

Adaptive Content

Our healthcare analytics courses are adaptable to the specific needs of your organization and designed for individual growth.

Competency-based Curriculum

Experienced faculty and mentors help build the analytical competencies that matter most to your healthcare organization.

Who We Serve

We believe that data and analytics literacy should be a core competency for everyone in healthcare. This starts with a holistic view of the pressing issues facing healthcare today, and how that translates to the data we collect, analyze and interpret. We focus on developing data champions among:

Clinicians & Medical Educators

Helping to train the next generation of medical and allied health workers around data literacy, problem design, systems thinking and evidence-based decision-making – understanding the power of actionable intelligence.

Healthcare Leaders

Helping organizations deliver value through the alignment of analytics strategy and organizational design. Engaging leaders with analytic acumen and the design of accessible analytic platforms.

…and more. Whether you’re a new recruit or an established leader in your organization, we help fill knowledge gaps through education, mentorship, and the practical application of healthcare analytics.

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Our Healthcare Analytics Training Programs

Healthcare Analytics Academy offers classes and programs taught by our passionate team of experts. When you register in the ThotWave Academy, you’ll have access to:

Individual Courses

By focusing on building specific competencies used in the real world of healthcare, our courses develop the mindset required to understand the tools, technologies, and roles that fuel health analytics.

Custom Curriculum

Everyone learns differently, and our courses are adaptable to meet your individual and organizational requirements. This can include combining coursework with mentoring and coaching, hands-on workshops, developing individualized performance plans, and direct learning.

Example Learning Path

We focus our learning paths on the journey that will best suit the intended audience. Whether you are new to healthcare or an experienced healthcare professional, our healthcare analytic certificate programs provide the fast track for learning the core issues that will shape your ability to provide data-driven insights.


Also known as 30-Day Prescriptions, micro-learning is built around compact, bite-sized lessons that focus on the application of analytics in healthcare. These daily lessons build momentum toward a learning goal and help ward off procrastination.

Instructor-Based Workshops

Our workshops provide an opportunity to learn through small-group interactions and hands-on practice. We believe that teaching people where they work helps translate learning into application, which is why we’re happy to hold your workshops on-site.


Our webinars help expose your team to new content without leaving the comfort of their office. Through these interactive webinars, you’re able to participate in discussions with other health and analytics leaders across the country.

We recognize that coursework is only part of the equation for developing competencies that are needed in healthcare. Our philosophy begins with ensuring that people have the right frame for learning, develop the appropriate skills, and apply those skills in the context of tools and technologies.

SAS Enterprise Guide for SAS Programmers

Designed by SAS Partners ThotWave, this interactive course will teach you practical skills and tactical applications to simplify SAS programming. You’ll learn to program faster and more efficiently using SAS Enterprise Guide and will become adept at maintaining and updating program change requests.

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Essentials of Question Design and Data Collection

In this online healthcare analytics course, you’ll get a thorough grounding in a structured, data-driven approach to problem design. This course is useful for anyone who needs to ask questions of healthcare data, and will help learners understand how to prioritize analytics projects so the effort is right-sized for project impact.

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How Healthcare Policy Drives EHR Technology

This informative, comprehensive online course has been created to provide much-needed context for data teams. Learners will discover how government policy and healthcare payment models impact electronic health record creation and how data is used.

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Data Visualization Best Practices Workshop

This workshop explores the art and science of data visualization best practices. Attendees will develop a strong understanding of data visualization and the skills required to utilize visual cues and graphics to support communication and storytelling. Let us know where and when you would like to take this course!

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Meet ThotWave's Healthcare Analytics Academy Instructors

Greg Nelson, MMCi, CPHIMS Social Psychology, Clinical Informatics
Monica M. Horvath, PhD Health Intelligence, Insight Aggregation, Computational Biology
Michelle Buchecker Computer Scientist, Technical Training Instructor

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