Innovating in Healthcare within the Government— Possible?

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Jim Macrae, Acting Administrator for HRSA, talks about the struggle to innovate under the umbrella of HHS.  High points: Most of the time, answers to a tough problem reside within the team you have.  It just takes a great leader to bring it out of them. Promoting innovation means taking risks and seeing failure. Misunderstanding of rules and regulations drive …

CHIME National Patient ID Challenge–$1M to the winner

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CHIME has announced a challenge which will give $1M to the individual or team that can achieve ‘100% accuracy’ with an algorithm to uniquely identify patients at the point of care such that their episode of care can be related to previous electronic health data about them that is stored…. somewhere.     Read the source article at HeroX

Personalized Medicine: A Faustian Bargain?

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I think ‘A Faustian Bargain’ is a misleading title– I don’t see that the metaphor fits perfectly.  But I will agree that the ‘digital divide’ is being replaced with the ‘knowledge divide’.  Those who have greater economic advantages will be better able to absorb, interpret, and act on the data that comes from their bodies due to greater access to …

More Than Half of Consumers Can t Access Electronic Health Data

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Both the HIPAA Privacy Rule and Meaningful Use requirements dictate that patients should have access to their medical records–sometimes even electronically. Yet as we know, this isn’t the case for most individuals due to a sprawling mess of reasons where everyone shares part of the blame–providers, payers, and vendors. However, one thing that continues to irk me is when providers …

Are You Ready for Value-Based Payment? Please take this HIMSS Survey by 12/31

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During 2016, 30% of traditional Medicare payments are going to be replaced with alternative payment models, and 85% of all payments will have some sort of quality/value metric associated with them. Yikes! Many are waiting to see if this causes a large number of providers to drop Medicare.  There is almost a ‘peer pressure’ environment where it’s not always welcomed …

Pop Health is Tricky: Know More, Manage Better

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Nice little ‘wake up call’ from Health Data Management.   They profile the work of Montefiore Health System in population health and from there, make a few recommendations about how those new to population health have to plan. Cool things to know about Montefiore: They work with NY public schools to get kids active and eat veggies They are looking …

Beyond the Pill: Data Is the New Drug

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This is a ‘thotful’ piece about how insights regarding the use of prescription drugs will change in the Big Data world.  Much of the discussion focuses on medication compliance– pairing mobile apps that tracks medication consumption with algorithms that records practice patterns and looks for aberrations. As the author notes, drugs in the future will have a chemical and digital …

Why Human Genetics Research Is Full of Costly Mistakes

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by Monica Horvath, PhD This article brings up a problem that I have been fussing over for years, but one that gets tossed aside when healthcare executives are hypnotized by the grand promises of Precision Medicine. The research on which many make clinical decisions can be unreliable, misinterpreted, or quite simply–not enough evidence on its own to drive a clinical …

In Age of Digital Records, Paper Still Carries Weight – The New York Times

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Any healthcare article that starts off with a nod to the Ancient Britons is either graduate thesis grandstanding or something that is going to be entertaining.. fortunately, this one is the latter. The point of the article is to explain how much paper we still use in the era of EHRs, but I would draw your attention to the environment …

Clinic for genomic medicine opens

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A new clinic in Huntsville, Alabama is devoted solely to diagnose and develop treatments for patients with undiagnosed diseases by using whole-genome sequencing. Pretty cool.  It will be fascinating to watch them and see how much success they have as well as the workflow they adopt to make it all happen. Read the source article at | The Madison County …