Modernize Your SAS® Skills at SAS Global Forum 2016

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ThotWave Presenting on SAS® Enterprise Guide® at SAS Global Forum 2016


ThotWave is presenting four sessions at SAS Global Forum this year.

Greg Nelson, CEO of ThotWave, will present or co-present the first three sessions listed, and Michelle Buchecker, Director of Technical Training Services, will present the session on SAS Enterprise Guide.

In today’s blog you’ll learn more about the SAS Enterprise Guide session.


Kicking and Screaming Your Way to SAS® Enterprise Guide®

You are a skilled SAS® programmer. You can code circles around those “newbies” who point and click in SAS® Enterprise Guide®. And yet… there are tasks you struggle with on a regular basis, such as “Is the name of that data set DRUG or DRUGS?” and “What intern wrote this code? It’s not formatted well at all and is hard to read.” In this seminar you learn how to program, yes program, more efficiently. You learn the benefits of autocomplete and inline help, as well as how to easily format the code that intern wrote that you inherited. In addition, you learn how to create a process flow of a program to identify any dead ends, i.e., data sets that get created but are not used in that program.

Interested? Come listen to the whole presentation and see some of the more useful benefits SAS® Enterprise Guide® brings to us old programming dinosaurs.

We look forward to seeing you at #SASGF!