It’s almost time for SAS Global Forum 2016!

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It’s almost time for SAS Global Forum 2016!



It’s only one week away!  I know we here at ThotWave are getting super excited to go to SAS Global Forum this year. There are boatloads of interesting topics being presented, so there is a lot to learn.

One of the other great benefits of #SASGF is networking with other users. It will be great to see other SAS users we already know and meet those we don’t. Make sure you reach out to Greg or Michelle through the SAS Global Forum mobile app and schedule a meetup time if you want to talk in more detail about any of our papers, or if you want to see how ThotWave can help you or your organization get better trained on SAS software. Training is our specialty and we love doing it.

As a reminder, here are our presentations:

Greg Nelson, CEO of ThotWave, will present or co-present the first three session listed, and Michelle Buchecker, Director of Technical Training Services, will present the session on SAS Enterprise Guide.

Looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!