Are your curious about.. your level of curiosity? I was.

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At ThotWave we are strong believers that curiosity is the single most important trait of data scientists, data champions, and even our own employees.  So when I recently stumbled upon a cute little tool to assess my ‘curiosity profile,’ I was intrigued!

I would say my results are pretty accurate in how I perceive myself:

  • Intellectually hungry
  • Adaptable to new situations
  • Unconventional thinker

But like most things, strengths can also carry along some weaknesses–kind of like genes on the same chromosome.

For me, the paired weakness would be

  • I get bored and easily distracted down investigative rabbit holes.  (Sorry, boss).
  • Predictability of situations is crucial in certain settings, such as healthcare delivery.  And at times, I find that too stifling or restrictive.  This is why consulting is a fantastic avenue for me!  (Sorry, former boss).
  • I challenge rules and status quo too often.  This was definitely not appreciated by my 4th-grade teacher.  (Sorry, but not sorry, Mrs. Nagy).

The upshot here, particularly if you manage analytic teams, is that you may see some of these tendencies from some of your staff.  Analytic professionals are quirky, weird, but wonderful–always looking for questions and more data.

In fact, I’m very open to the existence of Aliens, Bigfoot, and Ghostly things– Just show me the data.  In fact, I’ve subscribed to Fortean Times for nearly a decade–for which I get plentiful snark from friends.  I’m not convinced on those otherworldly entities just yet, but show me the data!


Read the source article at Harvard Business Review