The Perfect World of Individual Medical Data

Greg Nelson Business of Healthcare

So many doctors

I was in the waiting room of a doctors office recently. A woman in a motorized wheelchair came in and was struggling to get the door open, so I went to assist. We struck up a conversation where she mentioned that she recently injured her shoulder trying to get the door of a handicap bathroom stall to open.

She then went on to describe the injury and how with the new injury and painkillers she was on that she had no fewer than 12 doctors that she needed to inform. She lamented that it took hours to update her doctors since it’s not like she could just send a blast email. She had to log on to separate web sites to inform some doctors, and others she had to manually call.

We then discussed what a perfect world would be like for that, with all of her information on a card that she could just swipe and all her medical information and history would be there in one place. She even commented that she would be perfectly happy to have a chip put in her if that would be easier…

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