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Although the term hospitalist has been around since 1996, according to this article in Becker’s Hospital Review, the field wasn’t tracked by the American Health Association until 2003. However, since that time they have grown exponentially and about 3 out of every 4 hospitals have a hospitalist on staff.

So what is a hospitalist? Good question. While this article does a great job of sharing fun facts on the 20th anniversary of this profession, it doesn’t do a great job of really defining what being a hospitalist means. And as with many fields, for every health specific word, there is an abbreviation, an acronym, and possibly even a piece of legislation that feeds into it. But do not fret! We are developing a course to help you navigate through the difficult healthcare vernacular. Check back regularly for updates! 

And in case you were still wondering – most simply put, a hospitalist is a physician who works exclusively in a hospital. Obviously there is a lot more to that definition and the job description is quite extensive, so if you are still curious, check back soon and see how our Buzzword Bonanza course is coming along!



Read the source article at Becker’s Hospital Review