Are Our Healthcare Data Challenges Really Unique?

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One of the great things about this world is we all think that we are unique.  And as human beings, that’s generally true.  From the organizational perspective, we also tend to believe this about our data and processes, industry as a whole.

This article talks about why Healthcare data is so difficult to measure because it is unique. The article then goes on to describe the uniqueness: that the data is in multiple places, is structured and unstructured, has inconsistent definitions, is complex, and has changing regulatory requirements.

OK, there may be a valid case for that last one. But those other four are consistent with data in every industry within which I’ve worked. Telco data, training data, pharma data, and banking data have all dealt with those same problems.

Maybe the way to tackle the data problems in the Healthcare industry is not to say what makes it unique, but what makes it similar to other industry data and how can I benefit from learning from those that have faced and solved these problems. There is no sense reinventing a wheel that is readily available in somebody else’s wheelhouse.