Healthcare Analytics Training Challenges: How to Get Rid of the Yawns

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We’ve all been in that stuffy conference room where we have to spend hours on company required analytics training. There are a lot of elements that can trigger the yawns within the audience at your training. It could be one of the topics that is just, well for lack of a better word, boring.  Other times it could be the presenter or the materials that don’t create a spark within the classroom. While no two training situations will need the same elements to make it a success, our expert learning sciences team understands the importance of designing instruction through a process that builds in the types of activities that will get rid of the yawns in your analytics training.

Plan for Engagement 

During the design and development of the content for you analytics training, it is crucial that you plan for engagement and authenticity for any type of learning experience. Whether it be face-to-face or online, learners need to feel like they are part of the experience and that the experience will be directly valuable to their current (or future) roles and responsibilities.

Engagement opportunities can be created at four different levels:

  • To self
  • To content
  • To learners
  • To instructor

A Closer Look at Engagement Opportunities Related to Analytics Training

Learner to Self: A strong component of adult learning theory is that the learner must understand themselves and their personal needs. An emphasis on personalized instruction based on unique experiences and different modalities for learning gives them an opportunity to get to know themselves better for career development. At ThotWave, we provide opportunities during analytics training for diagnostic assessment, goal setting, goal monitoring, and reflection of experiences through evaluation and journaling.

Learner to Content: The learner must engage directly with content in both the face-to-face environment and within an online platform. We focus on multiple ways to present information that is more than a lecture or reading. Our materials include engaging live discussions, graphic-rich presentations, video vignettes for storytelling, and hands-on simulations.

Learner to Learner: The community of practice that occurs within the F2F environment or in the digital platform is where the content is digested, deconstructed, and applied to the learner’s individual workplace settings. The interactions between learners can take place as hack-a-thons, problem-solving sessions, discussions, role playing and case study analysis.

Learner to Instructor: We break out of the “Sage on the Stage” model and prefer to design analytics training experiences where we build opportunities for the “Guide on the Side”. Instruction and teaching might happen through coaching, mentoring, facilitating, or moderating.

With Analytics Training, Authenticity is Everything

Beyond engagement, real-world application is a ‘must have.’ Otherwise, it’s all just hypothetical and abstract. The activities and assessments should be created to give opportunities to build and practice new mindsets, skill sets and tool sets. It’s not enough for a learner to just listen and read about what they need to do. Data Champions need opportunities for concrete practice through the use of relevant datasets, specific use cases, team projects, simulations and even hack-a-thons.

The ThotWave Academy is Transforming Analytics Training

The team at the Healthcare Analytics Academy can help transform your current training offerings. With a wide variety of course offerings, we are able to increase engagement and provide authenticity that will be sure to wake up your learners. To get started, connect with us for a no obligation consultation. During this chat, you can share your goals and challenges with us, and we can offer unique insight that can only come from decades of experience in the fields of healthcare and business training. We look forward to hearing your “thots” and sharing ours with you!