Episode of Care Data Doesn’t End at Discharge

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People who analyze healthcare data are often focused at the doctor or hospital level. But if you think about it from a patient standpoint, when they leave the hospital they often will need rehabilitation or physical therapy. How does PT affect the entire episode of care?

This article by the Forbes Technology Council discusses the factors needed in leveraging data for a post-acute care picture.

A surgeon could do great work, but if a physical therapist doesn’t know the correct exercises to focus on or if the patient opts not to go to PT, that could reflect negatively on the overall episode of care at a follow-up doctor visit.

Having been through more PT than I’ve ever wanted to, I’ve overheard patients say they aren’t coming anymore because they can’t afford the co-pay, or they can’t find transportation. I also once had a physical therapist who was too light on the exercises as she wanted to increase revenue for the location that she managed by needing more visits than what was necessary. These are factors that are important to capture to aid in understanding why a patient isn’t progressing as well as they should.

Grabbing data just from a single source is challenging enough, and adding “outside” data makes it even more complex. But if you are wanting to see a true 360-degree view of patient care, adding in PT and Rehab data is an important part of this process.