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How Do You Take the Pulse of the Quantified Self?

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Your quantified self alter ego is coming to an EHR near you!  Ok, well, not yet–but soon.   It is increasingly common for healthcare organizations to use social media data to enrich intelligence about patients.  Penn Medicine has taken this head-on by launching a joint research and operations initiative, the Penn Medicine Center for Digital Health.  I am heartened to see this.  Far too often research and operations don’t work together to move the Learning Health paradigm forward.  Teams at the new Center intend to examine Twitter for insights into public health trends and Yelp for a better sense of the patient experience at care sites.  Traditionally, heavyweights such as Press-Ganey have been the sole providers of satisfaction data.  But why should healthcare ignore methods routine to other business settings?  As one commenter astutely said, “..they have realized their surveys are useless. So get rid of them. That includes paying them for any surveys.”  As someone who supported Press-Ganey data wrangling in the past, I very much agree.