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#ShiftHappens: Why We Can No Longer Rely on Developing Skills for Healthcare Analytics

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Developing Healthcare Workforce Competencies Recently, we presented at a healthcare analytics conference where we shared our perspective on “the elusive data scientist” – an overused, often misunderstood moniker used to describe those that have the technical, quantitative, methodological, industry domain knowledge and the soft-skills required to spin data into change. Our perspective is perhaps a bit different from most in …

[Press Release] New Healthcare Analytics Competency Model© Bridges Gaps in Analytics Talent Development

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Chapel Hill, North Carolina – ThotWave today announced the latest release of the Healthcare Analytics Competency Model©—a robust methodology which can be used to build analytics competencies, enabling healthcare leaders and their teams to make smart, data-driven decisions that transform patient care and improve organizational outcomes. McKinsey’s Big Data Report notes that by 2018, 1.5 million data-savvy business analysts will …

Do You Know Where the Data Will Go? Step Right Up to the ONC’s Latest Challenge

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In my opinion, one of the largest (and foundational) obstacles to both interoperability and actionable analytics lies in the path that data follows– provenance.  The healthcare industry generally has a  poor grasp on where data goes, how it moves, and what it changes into in traversing care-facing applications.  Even if we were to resolve the technical and privacy-related aspects of …