[Press Release] New Healthcare Analytics Competency Model© Bridges Gaps in Analytics Talent Development

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Chapel Hill, North Carolina – ThotWave today announced the latest release of the Healthcare Analytics Competency Model©—a robust methodology which can be used to build analytics competencies, enabling healthcare leaders and their teams to make smart, data-driven decisions that transform patient care and improve organizational outcomes. McKinsey’s Big Data Report notes that by 2018, 1.5 million data-savvy business analysts will …

The Job Market in Health Analytics Remains Imbalanced in Favor of the Employee

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“There’s a great future in plastics. Think about it. Will you think about it?” – Mr. McGuire in the Movie “The Graduate”. Plastics probably no longer represent a great future, but computer science and healthcare still do. In this article describing the imbalance of job needs to candidates, there is a clear directive that computer science professionals are still going to …

ThotWave 2017 Analytics Challenge

Healthcare Analytics Challenge: Summary and Week 3

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Welcome to Week 3 of the ThotWave Healthcare Analytics Challenge. We are delighted to see so many people challenging themselves and dedicating a few minutes each week to improving their analytics and leadership capabilities. Last week, we provided a summary of the week 1 challenge and asked you to consider the general steps that you use when starting the process …

ThotWave 2017 Analytics Challenge

“New Year, New You” Healthcare Analytics Challenge: Week One

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I love the New Year. For me, it means a fresh start. New goals, new aspirations, new lessons learned from the previous year, and new challenges ahead. The gyms are packed, and Facebook is full of videos on the transformation that lies ahead with new start videos where you see dads touching their toes, people losing weight, and getting stronger. We thot …

Design thinking is a human centered approach to problem seeking and problem solving.

Using Design Thinking to Solve Hospital Readmissions

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Healthcare has seen its share of fads over the years. Often, management will roll in something new for us to try and we oblige. Examples of these fads include lean manufacturing and Six Sigma, Business Process Re-engineering, Matrix Management, Management by Objectives, and Activity Based Costing, just to name a few. My theory is that if we can take the …

Predictive Analytics—Black Box or Pandora’s Box?

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Predictive analytics is infiltrating nearly every industry and is something increasingly part of the general public’s vocabulary. It has been applied to everything from terrorism risk assessment to tailoring the retail coupons we receive in the mail. But these methods have a downside. Some individuals perceive predictive analytics as merely profiling that could be discriminatory in nature if all it does is …

Diving into Data Validation with the ANIA

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Last week, in the middle of National Health IT Week, the American Nursing Informatics Association (ANIA) launched the peer-reviewed Journal of Informatics Nursing (JIN). To celebrate the birth of a new source of scholarly content, the first issue is free for all! The article “Data Validation: Swimming in the Depths of Data” supports individuals who are implementing a systematic process …

Quench the Quest for New Knowledge & Skills

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Since joining ThotWave earlier this month, I have been immersing myself in the industry standards for analytical professionals.  As we have been building our Healthcare Analytics Competency Model, we have been aligning our knowledge, skills, and behaviors to the Certified Analytics Professional® (https://www.certifiedanalytics.org/ ).  Connecting learning to national standards provides not only the validation of the content but it allows …

Pitfalls of Excel

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We all rely on Excel from time to time. Depending on your job role, you may use it for simple calculations, or more advanced analysis. This article in the Washington Post points out the dangers of Excel and how common abbreviations in your industry may be misinterpreted as dates or random numbers in Excel. When you are working with large …