Is That Chart Saying What You Think It’s Saying?

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“Lying with data” Most of us don’t intend on lying with data– it comes at accident by either poor design of a visualization or an over-enthusiastic (and sometimes myopic) focus on the interpretation you want to convey. HBR (link below) is a great source of business management intelligence, and it is without a doubt appropriate for healthcare to think about …

Stop worrying about deep learning and deepen your understanding of causality instead

Greg Nelson Analytics training, Healthcare Analytics

Deep learning is one the more recent buzzwords used to put abstraction around the highly technical process of unleashing sophisticated machine learning algorithms upon Big Data to obtain insights (presumably suggesting relationships and hypotheses that hadn’t been previously thought about). But as this great blog post by Dr. Seroussi describes, i, many talk about these methods when most tasks don’t …

Fun Bites: Radar Charts to Examine Healthcare Value

Greg Nelson Analytics training, Healthcare Analytics

At ThotWave we love collecting visualizations.  Sometimes the right picture can be such an elegant, compelling, and even provocative way to tell a story. This story is about the comparative effectiveness of three different prostate cancer treatments. If you were a patient, which treatment would you want?   Read the source article at

Cyber security market to grow big time – but we ask: will it grow in the right way?

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by Monica Horvath, Healthcare Practice Lead A report covered in Healthcare IT News notes that healthcare spending on security solutions is currently pretty poor and the market it set to explode in 2016. Over the past 10 years, the reality is that healthcare organizations are never done ‘starring down the barrel’ of a new enterprise technology solution required to maintain …

Buzzwords of Healthcare Big Data Analytics

Greg Nelson Analytics training, Healthcare Analytics

One of the challenges that anyone has when they start to work in a new area is the fundamentals of the language that is used to describe that business. One of our Healthcare Analytics Academy courses that we teach is “Buzzword Bonanza” where participants not only learn the vocabulary of healthcare, but get a chance to practice by telling the …