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“What’s your favorite gadget?” is one of the most common questions that I get from friends, family, and colleagues. For some people, gadgets and tools might be for construction, automobiles or sports. For me, it is technology, learning, and cooking. Yesterday, a higher education colleague who has award funding asked me for some recommendations of learning tools to purchase. One idea that …


Crazy new healthcare gadgetry makes its debut at CES 2017

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I’m pretty sure that CES (Consumer Electronic Show), held annually each January in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the largest conference/consumer show in the country.  If you can plug it into a wall or charge a battery by any means, ‘it’ becomes a ‘thing’ at the show–and more likely than not is also ‘internet’ enabled.  So there you have the ever-growing …

Design thinking is a human centered approach to problem seeking and problem solving.

Using Design Thinking to Solve Hospital Readmissions

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Healthcare has seen its share of fads over the years. Often, management will roll in something new for us to try and we oblige. Examples of these fads include lean manufacturing and Six Sigma, Business Process Re-engineering, Matrix Management, Management by Objectives, and Activity Based Costing, just to name a few. My theory is that if we can take the …

Registries are the Latest Casualty of Data Blocking Efforts

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Many critical of our healthcare data infrastructure point out that ‘data blocking‘ is a barrier to interoperability.  This is where the vendor holding EHR data either directly or indirectly makes it difficult to impossible to share data.  Vendors say that purposeful data blocking is not common while others say that providers are more at fault as they don’t want to …

Men Aren’t from Mars, and Women Aren’t from Venus, but Big Data in Healthcare Can See Differences

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There has been a lot of talk in the media and online lately about gender bias: what is real, and what is just a perception. That’s why I like data. Data is just an “it”. Big data is just an “IT”. However, doing analysis on that data can provide insights into medical differences between the genders. As this article explains “male …

How Can Cognitive Systems Support Healthcare?

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I have always been fascinated by cognition. My master’s degree in Computer Education and Cognitive Systems at the University of North Texas gave me a lot of opportunities to learn about machine learning, artificial intelligence and how technology can support cognitive processes. There is only so much that one mind can retain about all of the different symptoms and criteria …

Let’s learn from the gaming industry to make patient engagement addictive

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Healthcare innovators have tried many different types of engagement apps to help people make healthier decisions and stick to care plans.  Odds are, you have a few on your phone already.  But what is often missing when the clinical side tries to dip into the mobile arts for engagement is that they forget about the ‘fun’ factor.  I have seen …

The security crisis no one is mentioning–altering of healthcare data

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The news is plentiful with descriptions of healthcare data breaches and ransomware.  Among all of this gloom, there is another BoogeyMan being overlooked– the fact that hackers could potentially change your healthcare data.  The motivations for doing this are anyone’s guess–but those that do these things channel George Mallory with a ‘because it’s there’ attitude.  In reading about this a bit, …

How do you define learning?

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In this article, Faith Hill highlights the fact that we all define “Learning” a little differently, and it is based mostly on our own educational experiences. If you grew up in teacher-centered classrooms, you probably understand learning to be synonymous with lectures, instructors, powerpoint slides, you learned passively. But we strongly believe you have to actively participate in your learning, …