Good Data Analysis to Do Good With Data: A DataDive Event Is Coming to North Carolina!

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Data is surely used to drive our decision-making as we interact with others, seek recreation, purchase goods and services, stay healthy, and work through our careers.  Data can also be used to understand root causes and unknown influences that wouldn’t be obvious to the naked eye.  In realizing the power of this, DataKind is a very special organization.  They bring …

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Big Health Data is Getting Even Bigger for the UK

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Recently it came ‘over the wire’ that Validic has entered a partnership with one of the National Health Service Trusts in the UK to capitalize on its access to big health data.  Validic is a fascinating company as it provides services to act as sort of a nexus point for all of the different types of consumer-generated health data that …

Data Collection: From a Truckload to Instant Results

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In this TEDx Talk, Dr. Selanikio describes how data collection has changed over time due to changes in technology. He notes that the key to technology improvements is to make them accessible and easy to use. This has allowed many organizations who support healthcare-related fields to eschew the paper forms and input results electronically in real time. No longer do you …

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Learning Tools for Healthcare

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“What’s your favorite gadget?” is one of the most common questions that I get from friends, family, and colleagues. For some people, gadgets and tools might be for construction, automobiles or sports. For me, it is technology, learning, and cooking. Yesterday, a higher education colleague who has award funding asked me for some recommendations of learning tools to purchase. One idea that …

Riddles in Health Data Privacy: The Case of the Tell Tale Pacemaker

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  The internet of ‘healthy’ things is the healthcare industry’s contribution to a high-velocity sea of Big Data.  Medical devices have become shockingly sophisticated.  They record and store incredible amounts of data, even those devices embedded inside of you. The privacy implications of using that data, when extrapolated to extreme scenarios, create quite a legal quagmire as well as fodder …

This February, Take Care of Yourself with Doses of Data and Heart Literacy

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Word association time–what does this month mean to you? I’m going to guess most people say ‘Valentine’s Day.’ But February is also notable as American Heart Month. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in this country (>1M lives annually!), but it is also one of the most preventable illnesses with proper use of exercise, diet, and medications, as …

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Big Data Pushes Breast Cancer Research Forward

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On the same day last week, two very special women in my life told me the outcomes of their biopsies for breast cancer.  One was able to breathe that sigh of relief while the other had to readjust mindsets for the tackling the beast.  It’s not the first time (and won’t be the last) that someone in our inner circle …

When You Die, Will You Be a Health Data Donor?

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Culturally we are accustomed to promising our organs away when we die without much emotion.  People usually identify themselves as organ donors on drivers licenses or similar IDs depending on where they live.  But what happens to your medical data when you die?  While even Facebook has taken steps to help you proactively manage your posthumous profile, there are few …

The Future of Healthcare is Artificial

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Artificial Intelligence, that is.   The Medical Futurist has a great article summarizing the companies that seek to disrupt healthcare using artificial intelligence and related technologies.  While you may have heard of Watson Health, there are quite a few others worth keeping your eye on.  Check it out.