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Bioelectric Medicine: Brain-Based Big Data

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When my dad first told us about deep brain stimulation (DBS) as a treatment for his Parkinson’s disease, I must admit that I had mixed emotions. My first thought was a concern as his daughter: “You are going to do WHAT?” But then very quickly behind it the techie-geek in me quietly whispered, “Oh, how cool is that? How does …

Kaiser Permanente Takes Steps to Remove a Long-Standing Data Silo: Dentistry

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I never quite understood why dentistry isn’t typically considered part of health care in this country.  My mouth is and hopefully always will be connected to the rest of my body. As I’m sure you have noticed, dental services are paid through an entirely different insurance mechanism where much of the costs are put on the patient, and many don’t …


Telemedicine: A Quest for Remote Access to Service & Data

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Last week, my husband received information from his company and insurance about the availability of telemedicine (or a virtual doctor) for some typical health conditions: Acne Allergies Constipation Cough Diarrhea Ear Problems Fever Flu Headache Insect Bites Nausea Pink Eye Rash Respiratory Problems Sore Throats Urinary problems/UTI Vaginitis Vomiting For these more routine medical appointments, we could visit with a doctor …

social learning

Social Learning in Healthcare: A Guide To Twitter Chats

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Social learning is considered a hot eLearning trends for 2017.  You may see this and wonder ‘What is Social Learning?’ We’ve all heard the term “Social Media” but how does learning become integrated into all the cat videos and political memes that are showing up on your feed?  In order for information to become an opportunity to learn, it must be …

5 Approaches to Staged Learning

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In an earlier post, we touched on the five approaches to  Staged Learning. These are classroom training, eLearning, Social learning, coaching, and collaborative learning. Classroom Training Most of us are pretty familiar with classroom training. Typically an instructor stands at the front of the room and clicks through a variety of PowerPoint slides while the students sit there and wonder how …

Personalizing the EHR: Emotional Intelligence and Healthcare

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Healthcare analytics is changing the way patients interact with both their providers and the increasing amount of information being collected in their electronic health records (EHR). These records contain information that helps them understand their own health with their doctor’s guidance and identify ways to prevent future healthcare concerns. However, without a good sense of themselves and their own self-efficacy …

ThotWave 2017 Analytics Challenge

Healthcare Analytics Challenge: Summary and Week 3

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Welcome to Week 3 of the ThotWave Healthcare Analytics Challenge. We are delighted to see so many people challenging themselves and dedicating a few minutes each week to improving their analytics and leadership capabilities. Last week, we provided a summary of the week 1 challenge and asked you to consider the general steps that you use when starting the process …

Healthcare Analytics Challenge: Summary and Week 2

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Welcome to week 2 of the Healthcare Analytics Challenge—our ongoing series designed to engage you in critical thinking and problem solving with new activities and insight from our healthcare analytics experts. The first challenge was to look at an infographic published in a popular “car magazine” and provide some “thot-ful” commentary on the piece and think of some ways in …

EHR on Tablet

EHR: Trading the Manila Folder for the Tablet

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For years EHRs have been changing the way the medical office operates. The days of piles and stacks of manila folders that represent a running record of our health experience are becoming extinct.  Some may think that it just a matter of less space for paper storage and ease of access for the practitioner.   What many don’t understand yet …

ThotWave 2017 Analytics Challenge

“New Year, New You” Healthcare Analytics Challenge: Week One

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I love the New Year. For me, it means a fresh start. New goals, new aspirations, new lessons learned from the previous year, and new challenges ahead. The gyms are packed, and Facebook is full of videos on the transformation that lies ahead with new start videos where you see dads touching their toes, people losing weight, and getting stronger. We thot …