Would I like to work here?

ThotWave’s culture isn’t a place or a set of policies and procedures. We think culture is mostly created by us, the people who are ThotWave. Our culture is what we agree is important to do, to be. Another way to think about culture is the values and behaviors we focus on most.

Below are these values and behaviors. (And, no we don’t need to carry them around on a card.)

Thinking. No we’re not joking. Like our thinking data® we put a premium on the entire range of human thinking…identifying problems, generating ideas, initiating, proposing, creating, resolving, scenario planning, coordinating-you get the idea. This range of thinking is expected of all employees, regardless of position.

Respect. Honoring everyone is an absolute. We’re only human, so we disagree sometimes. Yet everyone treats each other with dignity. Everyone’s job is important.

Honesty: Integrity in what we do and how we do it. This goes for clients and coworkers. No violations allowed.

Listening: Full understanding is impossible without a closed mouth, open ears and genuine interest.

Accountability: We take responsibility for our work, our commitments, deadlines, mistakes, and victories. We also confront problems before they interfere with client commitments.

Performance: Effort, ambition, and drive are great ingredients but results are what we measure and what is most rewarded.

You might have excellent skills that match our job requirements. But our culture needs to match your way of doing things, your priorities. How we work is as important as what we deliver.