ThotWave Healthcare Analytics Competency Model©

ThotWave’s Healthcare Analytics Competency Model© defines the knowledge, skills, abilities and characteristics necessary to succeed in the field of healthcare analytics. The Healthcare Analytics Competency Model© spans four experience levels (Associate, Staff, Senior, and Principal) across five professional job families (Technical Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Business Analysis, Analytical Product Management and Leadership). The Healthcare Analytics Competency Model© can be used by individual analysts, their employers, human resources professionals, and educators. Learn more about how an organization or individual can participate.

To learn more about the Healthcare Analytics Competency Model, check out our HACM short explainer or register to access our webinar, 9 Healthcare Analytics Competencies That Matter

How Can It Be Used?

The Healthcare Analytics Competency Model© and associated Talent Development framework is designed to benefit professionals, healthcare provider organizations, and the industry as a whole.

  • Professionals: Identify your competencies and plan your career path
  • Provider Organizations: Assess individuals against a standardized set of competencies
  • Industry: Establish consistency across all titles and positions across your healthcare analytics service lines
  • Medical Educators: Prepare nursing, medical, and osteopathic students to enter the field

The Healthcare Analytics Competency Model© has provided us with a ‘true north’ for all of our analytics teams [across the enterprise] and helped us to create a set of job families that define and measure our analytics skills and contribution to our overall analytics capability.

–Executive Director, Professional Analytics


The Healthcare Analytics Competency Model© supports ThotWave’s mission to help organizations mature their analytics capability and to create data champions for healthcare.

With the release of our Talent Development Program, the Healthcare Analytics Competency Model© is now open to qualified individuals and organizations.

  • Competency Model and Framework: Provides a robust, industry standard for knowledge domains, competency areas and learning outcomes for the field of healthcare analytics across 6 analytic life-cycle process areas
  • Self-Assessment: Helps healthcare analysts explore career roles they desire, discover the skills they need to function effectively in each role, and identify the resources available to build those skills
  • Team-Assessment: Helps healthcare leaders document their enterprise skills matrix and identify the gaps in key competencies needed for organizational success
  • Job Descriptions: Our model ties to 19 detailed job descriptions in 5 job families across 4 levels of the profession—from entry-level to executive leadership—enabling healthcare analysts and hiring managers to define job roles and identify options for career paths
  • Role to Competency Map: Outlines the expected proficiency levels across 5 job families, 9 knowledge domains and 42 Competency Goals.
  • Career Lattice: Describes the career paths available to staff and defines the natural progression from one role to the next, including lateral movement across the career ‘lattice’
To learn more about the Healthcare Analytics Competency Model, HACM short explainer or register to access our webinar, 9 Healthcare Analytics Competencies That Matter 



Important Legal Notice

The Healthcare Analytics Competency Model© has been made available to you for the purpose of supporting healthcare and the individuals who work within healthcare organizations. All intellectual property rights in the Healthcare Analytics Competency Model© (including copyright) are owned by ThotWave. By using the Healthcare Analytics Competency Model©, you agree to the ThotWave Legal & Copyright information policy, and you also expressly agree that you will not distribute, copy or modify the model in any way apart from the permitted purposes. In particular you will not:

– Reproduce or incorporate the whole or any part of the Healthcare Analytics Competency Model© in any work produced or authorized by you; or
– Represent that the Healthcare Analytics Competency Model© or any part of it was created by or is offered to the public by you.

The Healthcare Analytics Competency Model© For Organizations


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