Through experience, proven methodology and industry expertise, ThotWave successfully engages with healthcare organizations as they work to survive and thrive during the industry’s period of greatest transformation. We believe that the organizations that truly become data driven and have a keen understanding of—as well as the ability to deploy strong analytics capabilities—will be the most successful. Given our focus and leadership in healthcare and analytics, we are able to bridge the gap between business and technology, and further, we focus on delivering results – helping prove the value and ensuring long-term relationships.


The healthcare industry is facing huge challenges and competing priorities as it tries to improve quality and outcomes, increase access to care and reduce costs—also known as The Triple Aim. These critical initiatives are being attempted while the industry adds foundational, complex and expensive technologies, such as electronic health records, and shifts it revenue and reimbursement models from fee for service to value-based service taking on more risk than ever before. Never has data—and the ability to gain insights from that data—been more important. The healthcare industry is years if not decades behind other industries in deploying analytics, but we can help organizations with limited analytical maturity get started on the journey, and we can help those with some analytic capabilities become Centers of Excellence. We are able to help assess people, processes and technology needed to make the fundamental changes in operations, financial management and clinical outcomes and develop a plan of action.

Health Plans

The Health Insurance industry one the whole is fairly analytics savvy, as health plans have incurred most of the financial risk and certainly needed to analyze data to understand the implications and write policies. But the Affordable Care Act/Healthcare Reform have adde new pressures on health plans to engage with members more effectively, as well as manage medical loss ratio efficiently. We can help these organizations assess their greatest business drivers and optimize their analytics capabilities to combat the challenges before them.

Life Sciences/BioPharma

Messy data, regulatory concerns, diverse user populations, stagnant technology and slow adoption of industry standards: we know the pains of the Life Sciences industry. We help with knowledge management such as repositories, SAS analytics, data mining and data warehousing by employing the methodologies, reusable interfaces and smart monitoring that will help you operate efficiently and effectively.